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2/2/05-East Texas

Trashing East Texas: CR 334

More and more residents in neighborhoods across East Texas one are driving down their county roads to find garbage.... quite a change from how Sara Hibbard remembers the street.

"When we first moved here 3 years ago, this was the most scenic drive. It was just really pretty, and within the last year, people have just started to dump their trash," says Sara.

Like many others we've heard from who are just tired of seeing it, Sara did a lot of cleaning herself.

"Every weekend, I get out and pick it up garbage around my own home. There are about 15 to 20 tires, that have been dumped right around my home."

Residents on 334 say a disintegrating house in the middle of their otherwise nice neighborhood is the biggest eye sore. They now worry about it depreciating their home values.

"The people who own property here do not want to see their property devalued because the drive uphill is horrendous. They certainly don't want to try to sell their home for less than they paid for it or to try to sell their home to people who are having to drive through trash to look at it I wouldn't buy."

Drive down the road away and you guessed it... more litter. With so many coming forward with the problem, you have to wonder how illegal dumping reached this level. Sara's guess?

"Because they're getting away with it. Even when you report it to people who are supposed to handle it, they don't do anything about it."

For now, those living on County Road 334 want to send a message to the ones trashing their home.

"People take care of their own trash. We can't let it just continue."

Reporting: Braid Sharp

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