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2/6/05-East Texas

Trashing East Texas: CR 3108, 3110, 3111

For Bobby Tharp, every piece of trash is a daily reminder of a rampant problem in East Texas.

"There are areas on these county roads that you can go down and find places where people are just plain dumping, but the biggest problem is just sheer laziness," says Bobby.

He's talking about excessive littering on the Smith/Gregg County line. It's something Bobby and the rest on County Roads 3108, 3110, and 3111 are sick of.

"This is everybody's way to work and we have to look at it. It makes you feel just dirty."

"All up and down, you see pieces of trash literally lining the road. Bobby says in the past, it's something that has been happening for years and has gone on long enough."

He also has a question for the ones who have turned a peaceful, winding road into what Bobby feels is more of dumping grounds now.

"How would they feel if I came over and dumped all of my garbage on their front porch?"

Reporting: Braid Sharp

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