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Better East Texas: The saga of Josh Hamilton

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Perhaps you are familiar with the saga of baseball player and newest Texas Ranger, Josh Hamilton.

Hamilton played for Texas for five years until he left the team back in 2012 and joined the Los Angeles Angels. Hamilton was a great player with Texas and helped lead the team to back-to-back World Series appearances. But the story of Josh Hamilton is much more complicated than a player bouncing from team to team.

Hamilton has been troubled throughout his career with bouts of substance and alcohol abuse and has failed baseball's drug test several times. Probably his cleanest time was with the Rangers which was also his most effective time as a player. He also had a strict personal conduct structure around him when with the Rangers.

So, he fell apart in California, the Angels will have to pay a bundle to him to leave and the Rangers essentially welcome a prodigal son back home. Hamilton seems to feel that by being back in Texas, he can recreate personal protective habits and rediscover his effectiveness on the field.

In this sense, his return - in a flawed way - relieves from him the responsibility for his conduct. So, in this return with the Rangers, if he fails, it will be the Rangers' fault. I am a Hamilton and Rangers fan but he must find a way to keep his demons at bay and a simple change of address is not the answer. It is up to him more than his team.

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