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Better East Texas: Baltimore riots proof that nation has more work to do

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No doubt you have seen the events in Baltimore and the social unrest, the protests and the police presence.

The images conjure up a series of emotions and while it seems like Baltimore is a world away, it is closer than we'd like to think as many of the emotions could exist anywhere in the U.S.

One of the vivid pieces of video was not of a car burning or of a police officer in riot gear, but of the mother of one of the protesters grabbing her son and screaming at him in a display of discipline, even going as far as hitting him. The young protester retreats as cameras roll.

Even this says so much about the state of our country. Some in law enforcement applauded the action of the mother, saying this is one of the only ways to control some of the younger protesters and more families need to step up. It is easy to see the video and applaud the mother but it is a very sad situation as well.

Parents must control their children, no matter the situation, police must take a more constructive approach in race relations and handling of suspects and our country must have time to heal. If you were around for the Los Angeles riots of 1992 in the wake of the Rodney King police beating, you remember days of violence and killing and also the fragile time that it took for healing to take place.

In some ways we have not come far and that is sad. In other ways we are better but it is obvious there is still work to do.

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