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Glass Wizard: "Does It Work?"


By Joe Terrell - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It's called the Glass Wizard and it touts itself as "the easiest way to clean glass!" But, "Does It Work?"

The biggest part of the Glass Wizard is the plastic wedge-shaped pivoting head. The foam surface of the head is designed to be covered by one of two reversible, reusable micro fiber cleaning bonnets, also include in the box. They also give you a mesh, grime busting bonnet. And there's a spray bottle you are supposed to fill with water or glass cleaner.

We cleaned a large window with candy stuck to it and numerous sticky hand prints. We started with the grime busting bonnet. We sprayed the window down with a little bit of water and started busting grime. Soon we had all the big stuff knocked off and it was time to do some real cleaning. We took the grime busting bonnet off and put the micro fiber bonnet on.

The Glass Wizard is very easy to maneuver on the glass and you get the feeling the micro fibers are really gripping it. It is great how the pointed tip of the head fits up into the corners of the glass. (It is great how it reaches down in the corners of an automobile windshield, too.)

We also used glass cleaner and the Glass Wizard did a fine job. We found it far easier than using a rag, because with each swipe, you are covering a defined area. We had it clean in no time.

Does It Work? We give the Glass Wizard a "yes."

If you need it, you can attach a pole into the end of the Glass Wizard's handle to reach high spots. It is not included, but there is an order form in the box. You can also order more bonnets. You get three for $7 and you are probably going to need them.

The Glass Wizard is available online for about $9.99.

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