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Better East Texas: No deal without documents in Iran treaty

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While no treaties between nations are simple, the ever-evolving proposed nuclear inspection treaty between Iran and the United States is troubling.

The dynamics seem to change daily as you have Russia selling defensive missile systems to Iran creating a defensive threat that could become offensive in nature. You also have Iran reportedly sending arms and other supplies to the rebels in Yemen. The U.S. has sent an aircraft carrier and other ships to protect the open waters but under United Nations Security council resolutions, neither Iran nor any nation can send arms to these rebels.

On top of that, Congress seems to be lining up a bipartisan group that would require any agreement made by the Obama administration to be approved by Congress and that prognosis is not bright. Finally, negotiators are yet to get many details on the agreement on nuclear inspection and limitation worked out.

So, President Barack Obama seemingly acted early in throwing a party at the White House when he announced that an agreement had been reached several weeks ago. In reality, the entire situation has become more complicated. There is a lesson for everyone in this and that is to let the results speak for themselves when two sides are working out a deal, and yes, it even goes back to the Mission Accomplished days of President George W. Bush.

Don't call it a done deal unless it is a done deal. The American public is smarter than that and, as we see with Iran, without a signed agreement, there really is no deal.

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