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2/1/05-Gregg County

Neighbors Say Dogs Responsible For Killing Prized Show Pig

Residents in an East Texas neighborhood say they have been afraid of a pack of dogs for several years. They say their fears were realized Tuesday morning when a prize show pig was killed by the dogs.

It happened on Harvey road off Joy Wright Mountain road in Gregg County. Today the neighbors say they were forced to take matters into their own hands.

"I heard dogs barking and something screaming," says Pat Willis. She up this morning to loud noises in her neighbor's yard. "I went out to investigate it and found out it was Chris' pig," says Pat.

Pat called Nelma and Nelma's grandson immediately. "I ran and got my keys and got my gun out. When I came out there was about 5 dogs on top of him," says Chris Montana.

Chris shot at the dogs. Three ran off uninjured, another limped away after being shot in the leg. A fifth dog was killed.

Nelma and Pat say all five dogs belong to a neighbor. They say they've been afraid of the dogs for a while. "I can't go to my mail box because my gate is too far from my mailbox and I can't get there without the dogs running at me," says Pat. "My kids came from Alabama this year and I told them to be sure to drive the cars up into the yard and shut the gate because I don't want the dogs getting near my grandchildren."

Nelma and Pat say they have called Gregg County Sheriff's Department on several occasions because of their fears.

"You're just afraid. I put up a privacy fence and gates but they still get in some way," says Nelma.

Boards from the pig's pin were ripped off. Nelma says that was done by the dogs. She says the dogs killed not just an animal, but her grandson's accomplishment.

"My grandson he's a very good kid and I love him and it hurts me when he's hurt. And he was really hurt this morning when he walked out there with those dogs and his pig tore all to pieces," says Nelma.

There are no leash laws in Gregg county. Officers tell us once the investigation is complete, the owner of the dogs could be forced to either restrain the dogs or have them put down. We spoke with the dog's owner by phone today. He says he does not believe the dogs are violent.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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