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Dogan MS Students Learning Path Of Black History

Some young East Texans are tracing the strides of black people in East Texas.  Students at Dogan Middle School are getting lessons in Black History over the next month.Social studies teacher Ken Wardlow posed a few questions to his students to help them understand the path of black people in America.

"Would you want to have someone tell you, you could not have the right to vote? Would you like to have someone tell you you could not go to a restaurant and sit down and eat?"

The students all replied no. Their young attentive eyes and ears are trying to grasp the evolution of an entire race of people.

"Where'd you come from? What is our cultural history? Where are we going?" Wardlow asked.

The 6th graders say they are learning Black History as a tale of struggle and progress.

"They used to be treated bad because of the slavery thing that, and I don't like that thing," said Alberto Hernandez. "We were talking about they couldn't drink water at the fountain," said Juan Avelar. "They used to not be able to go to school and they used to have white over here and then Mexican and black. They couldn't be together."

Eleven-year-old Ashlee Breland said she feels lucky to sit in a class and learn about those who paved the way for her to be there. "It's really important because back then black people really didn't get to learn anything. So it's very important to me."

Over the next month the students will follow the map of Black History from the time of slavery to a time when all students of any race could share a classroom.

Maya Golden reporting,

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