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Essentials oils making a comeback in modern medicine

Aromatic wood essential oil (Source: Wikimedia Commons) Aromatic wood essential oil (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
(KLTV) - The use of essential oils, a centuries-old practice, has made a comeback in modern medicine.

People are using them for everyday ailments like headaches, allergies, and to help get those little ones to sleep at night. Lemon to wake you up --lavender to put you back to sleep after a long day; more and more people are looking to the age-old tradition.

"Essential oils have been around as long as our forefathers have been around so it goes all the way back to the very first documentation that took place on home or traditional remedies," said Dr. Pieter Diewet.

A conventional physician and homeopathical M.D., Diewet has seen the resurgence in his own patients, and he's working to stay with the curve.

"I'm amazed at how many people have gotten into essential oils and how many people are using them," said Diewet. "I'm actually trying to learn now because I'm being railroaded by my patients who keep telling me the stuff that they're doing."

Diewet urges other healthcare professionals to follow suit in a sort of "return: to the roots of medicine.

"You stopped a toothache with clove oil. That was just what you did you know 100 years ago. And then they discovered tylenol and everything else so now we use that," said Diewet.

Diewet says this is just one example of a change in the way people are approaching their overall health care.

"People are taking charge of their health more and more people are not happy with just taking medications which tend to treat symptoms."

It's important to note that the Food and Drug Administration does not control essential oils, so if you start using them, there are some health risks and concerns you should consider.

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