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The Texas History List: Kiowa Chief White Horse surrenders to Texans, Roy Orbison born in Wink

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(KLTV) - Here are more amazing stories from the history of Texas, including the surrender of White Horse at Fort Sill.

On April 19, 1875, Kiowa chief White Horse and a group of followers surrendered at Fort Sill, Indian Territory. White horse was well-known for his raids on Texas settlements, the Texas State Historical Commission says, and was considered the most dangerous man among the Kiowas. Apparently, the September 1874 battle of Palo Duro Canyon convinced him that further resistance was futile, thus his surrender a few months later.

On April 21, 1836, Texas forces won the battle of San Jacinto, the concluding military event of the Texas Revolution. Facing General Santa Anna's Mexican army of about 1.200 men encamped in what is now southeastern Harris County, General Sam Houston disposed his forces in battle order about 3:30 p.m., during siesta time. Trees blocked the Mexican army's view of the Texans, and Santa Anna evidently had no lookouts posted. The Texan line sprang forward on the run with the cries "Remember the Alamo!"  and "Remember Goliad!" The battle lasted only 18 minutes. The official report said 630 Mexicans were killed and 730 were taken prisoner. Only nine of the 910 Texans were killed or mortally wounded, and 30 were wounded less seriously. 

On April 23 1936, music legend Ray Orbison was born in Vernon, Texas. He grew up in Wink, and while there formed his first group, the Wink Westerners. Later, while attending North Texas State College, he transformed that band into a rock band, the Teen Kings. Their first hit was called Ooby Dooby, in 1956. He is famous for his famous hits "Blue Bayou," "It's Over," and "Oh, Pretty Woman." He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987 and he died in 1988. 

Other headlines from this week in the history of Texas:

April 23, 1984: Legendary jazz pianist William M. (Red) Garland died in Dallas, where he'd been born in 1923.

April 24, 1931: Black Texas leader O.P. DeWalt, president of the Houston NAACP, was assassinated  

April 25, 1875: Black Seminole scouts rescue U.S. Infantry commander from a band of Comanches, and earned the Medal of Honor for gallantry in action.

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