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Donate to Tyler humanitarian who travelled to Iraq

Posted on GoFundMe by Judd Carroll:

Safe Harbor by definition means any place or situation that offers refuge or protection. The mission for my Safe Harbor is to raise money to provide much needed resources for the people of Iraq who are under intense attack by ISIS (Islamic State within Iraq). ISIS is known for their acts of heinous violence and terrorism. Their attacks have left villages isolated and cut off from much needed supplies. 

Your money will go to fund the basic needs of these people, such as food, water, shelter and clothing as they travel to the safety of other villages. I will be assisting these people make that journey to safety. The money raised will go directly to the care of refugees and the means to get them out of harm's way. Any financial support will make a real difference, just as one person can make a difference. 

I will communicate via social media documenting my experiences. Due to the need for discretion, please understand that more specific information will be available when I safely arrive home :)If you have questions, leave them here until I get an appropriate website running and alternate phone numbers/email addresses.

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