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Now You See It: Crybaby for president

(CNN) -

A toddler's tantrum went viral, because of politics.

It turns out Zeke Celello wanted to run for president, but Hillary Clinton declared first. His mom had just shown him Hillary's announcement video...when suddenly what went running down Zeke's cheeks were tears.

"You want to do what?" asked Zeke's mother, Erin Celello.

"I wanted to run for President," said Zeke.

"You think you're ready to be President?" said Mrs. Celello.

"Yeahhhhhh," said Zeke.

Zeke Celello's parents used to be in Wisconsin politics, and they're long time fans of the Clintons, but...

"Has he ever expressed interest in running for President before?" said Jeanne Moos, CNN reporter.

"Never, and it's not one of those things we ever talked to him about," said Mrs. Celello. "He's only 3 so, what would you do if you were President?"

"Play with toys," said Zeke.

Now that's an agenda that could unite the country.

"Do you think maybe you can do that when you're a little older?" asked Mrs. Celello.

"Noooooooooooooooo," said Zeke.

That sounds familiar...

"I've heard some suggest I should step aside and wait my turn," said Marco Rubio, who announced his presidential campaign this week.

Zeke's not eligible to run for president for another 32 years.

"Can you imagine if he actually ended up running for something?" said Moos.

"Oh my goodness you know with the personality on this kid I wouldn't doubt it. He will go up and talk to anyone," said Mrs. Celello.

Sure he'd have to lose the pacifier on the campaign trail. There were biting comments about that. "This kid is too old for a pacifier" "Pacifiers cause over bites." But hey, if it's good enough for Vice President Biden.

The last time we had a similar toddler meltdown was back in 2012...

"I'm tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney."

But Zeke isn't sick of the candidates, he wants to be one of them. Vote for Zeke. Pacify America.

"I wanted to run for President," said Zeke.

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