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Proud of East Texas: Sheryl's Lost Diamond


What would you do if you found a diamond in a bagel basket? Benjamin Flanders didn't even think twice before returning the diamond to its owner, Sheryl Coffee. 

The Coffees' had been eating breakfast at Einstein Bros Bagels in Tyler when Sheryl noticed the center diamond of her 25th Anniversary ring was missing. The Coffees', aided by shop employees and customers, turned the shop upside down looking for the diamond, while Sheryl searched the Coffees' car. 

Just when it seemed the diamond had disappeared forever, Benjamin found the diamond under the napkins in the bagel basket left on the Coffees' table, Ordinarily, Lee Coffee would have already emptied the basket into the garbage, but in the confusion, he had left it on the table. 

Benjamin, one of ten children, could have easily pocketed the diamond, but he says that's not the way his parents raised him. Sheryl describes Benjamin's character as "shining like a diamond."

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