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Freedom Fighters: Jim Snow

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Jim Show knows all about the "Charlie model," and other helicopter models flown in Vietnam during the sixteen years from 1959 to 1975, that the Vietnam War lasted. 

"You could go backward and forward and up and down," he said.

The helicopters Snow flew in his job as a test and recovery pilot and maintenance officer, often required intricate maneuvering and quick action.

"The one thing you had to learn in Vietnam anytime is you didn't know exactly who was your friend and who was not," he recalls.

In recovery of a downed helicopter, Snow would repair it on the ground and fly it out, if possible, often under fire. If the 'copter couldn't be repaired, it would be attached to a larger aircraft and lifted out. Once it was back at the base, Snow's job still wasn't done.

"Once we maintained the aircraft and brought it back into flyable condition, it had to be tested before we released it back to the unit."

After serving in Vietnam from October 1968 to October of 1969, he returned home only to be greeted as so many other Vietnam vets had been: By an anti-war demonstration in the San Francisco airport. 

That's one of the many reasons Snow's involved in the Vietnam, Forty Years Later Commemoration Tribute. It will be held on April 25 at the American Freedom Museum in Bullard. 

Along with the welcoming ceremony and displays, the traveling wall,with the 58,300 names of those who died in the Vietnam War, will be on display.

Jim Snow, who is hoping that time has helped heal the many scars of that time in history, served our country in the army for 27 years.

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