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More Than 60% of Iraqis Voted In Election

Entire families arrived together at Iraqi polling stations, wearing their finest clothes. In Baghdad, some streets were packed with voters, walking shoulder-to-shoulder. Even the elderly made their way to the polling places. One woman was pushed along in a wooden cart, while a man carried a disabled 80 year old on his back.

They braved suicide bombers, mortar attacks and gunfire to vote in their country's first free election in nearly 50 years. Iraqis waited in long lines and entered polling stations under loops of razor wire, beneath the watchful eyes of rooftop sharpshooters.   

One man walked with his wife saying, "We are not scared and we are not cowards."

Elsewhere in Baghdad, a U.S. observer described how voters had to walk past the remains of a suicide bomber. By day's end, 44 people had died in attacks across the country, including nine bombers.

But officials said voter turnout appeared higher than the 57 percent that had been predicted.


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