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1/30/05-East Texas

Teens Looking To Serve A World Away

They are the future of America, and they plan to be the future defenders of their nation.

"I feel like I need to get involved so I can go over there and make a difference," says Sam Fiser, a member of the Corp.

While the war for freedom rages on overseas, these kids say they are not afraid to one day enlist and fight for democracy.

"Whenever I heard the first news in 6th grade that the two towers had been struck by airliners and there was terrorist action, I was like no this isn't right. I need to get over there, I need to be motivated to help my country," says another Corp member, Chris Fiser.

It's a motivation that unites these 12 teenagers. All sacrificed a weekend of playtime, to secure their future.

"We give them the opportunity to learn things in the real world, exciting things, instead of running up and down the street, get on a nuclear submarine for a week. Instead of video games, let's do some war games, million dollar simulators for submarines, tanks etc.," says Lieutenant Joe Ryan.

The Cadet Program does not require these students go into active duty after graduation, but still they dream of serving.

"My grandfather was in the Air Force. I've just had a passion for flying especially F-22's. It's just been my dream ever since I was 8," says Sam.

Jennifer Shaffer, one of only two girls in the group, says she is thrilled to get this experience.

"Yesterday we learned how to march, and learned the different stances and everything and today we got our first inspection and we did a really good job," says Jennifer.

With every step or salute, they are learning what it takes to guard a nation.

"I love the country, I want to protect the people I love," says David Hunter, another member of the group.

A sentiment shared by all these young cadets.

Reporting: Maya Golden mgolden@kltv.com

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