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Maroon 5 singer recalls scary moments when fan rushed stage

(CNN) -

The fan came out of nowhere, tried to wrap herself around Adam Levine's neck...but might as well let him describe it.

"You're in the moment. You're singing and your eyes are closed. And you're having this beautiful moment," said Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5. "And then the next thing you know, someone's f***king in your face. Super terrifying."

He managed not to look terrified, put his arm around her, calmed her down, then handed her off to security waving bye bye, then giving the audience a shrug.

That fan only managed to scratch the surface... of Adam Levine's ear.

"That was bleeping weird. Cut my ear with her fingernail," said Levine.

Now when a performer says "peace", that should apply to fans leaving the star in peace on stage. But Miley Cyrus is #5 in our countdown of Top Fan Ambushes. This girl snuck up from behind. Security had to disentangle the two, shoving the fan one way and whisking Miley off stage. 

Number 4...

Demi Lovato got blindsided by a hug during a performance in Paraguay, South America. 

Number 3... 

A guy tried to grab and kiss Keri Hilson. She told security to "leave him alone" and "he just wanted a kiss." 

Number 2...

Justin Bieber didn't get assaulted, his piano did as security tackled the male fan who rushed Bieber sitting at the keyboard. Justin just skipped away and kept singing. 

Our number 1 fan ambush....

A shirtless fan snatched Beyonce right off the stage. Security had to drag her back. She not only kept singing, she defended the guy.

"He just got excited. It's all right," Beyonce said.

But when a fan lightly slapped her behind, she threatened to have him escorted out. So keep your hands off Beyonce's butt and clip your fingernails if you're planning to play it by ear with Adam Levine.

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