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Freedom Fighters: Jason And Melissa Dobbs

Jason and Melissa Dobbs met and married while training in the U.S. Army. Both were assigned to Counter Intelligence teams and sent to Iraq. After Melissa returned home, Jason pulled a second tour of duty in Iraq, spending more than eight months in one of the most dangerous cities, Fallujah.

Jason says he saw many ugly things, including terroists who admitted to torturing and beheading their prey. The good things included the people who welcomed them, especially the children. Jason and Melissa had to leave their baby son Jaydon with Melissa's parents in Longview during their assignments in the Middle East.

Melissa has since resigned from the Army to be a wife and mother. Jason has just returned from Iraq and looks forward to spending more time with his son. Both Jason and Melissa are proud to have played a part in the development of a free Iraqi nation.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.
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