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Smith County Murder Suspects In Custody In Mexico

  Two murders, three suspects, and it all ends in Mexico.  It's a chase that began six years ago. The run is finally over for Susanna Arroyo her brother Saul and Hersain Gomez.
  Local law officials used leads and worked with authorities to catch up with the three in Mexico.
"The crimes occurred in Smith county," said District Attorney Matt Bingham, "they need to face a Smith County Jury."
  In July of 1999, Susanna Arroyo, Hersain Gomez and four other teens were charged with the stabbing and beating death of 18-year-old Adam Carrier.
  Four of the teens were tried and given life sentences, but Susanna Arroyo and Gomez fled south of the border.
  It was two years later Susanna's older brother Saul was himself a murder suspect charged with the shooting death of 31-year-old Joel Garcia. He, like his sister, fled to Mexico where they have been ever since.
  Hersain Gomez was located last June in a Mexican jail on burglary charges. However, authorities were still on the look out for Susanna and Saul Arroyo. Thursday night they caught up with the two siblings.
  "Susanna was aprehended along with her brother yesterday, January 27, 2005, in Cuernevaca, Mexico," Bingham said.
  Matt Bingham intended to seek the death penalty in the Adam Carrier murder charges but was forced to change his mind if he wanted any chance of bringing the suspects back to Smith County.     
  "Mexico required that I guarantee them that the death penalty would not be sought against Gomez or (Susanna) Arroyo."
Bingham could not say when or if the Arroyos and Gomez would be extradited, but says his office is working with the US government to bring the three back to Smith County.
  If brought back and convicted, Susanna Arroyo and Hersaine Gomez would get a life sentence and be eligible for parole in 40 years.
  Saul Arroyo would serve from 5 to 20 years in the state penitentiary.
  If the three are not extradited to Smith County, they will be tried in Mexico for the murders.

Maya Golden reporting,

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