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Injured Anderson County Deputy Sheriff Finally Receives Honors

Anderson County Sheriff's Deputy, Kyle Duren, was severely injured in a head-on collision nearly two years ago.

He was on duty, driving his squad car, when the crash happened. It broke his pelvis, his hip, crushed both bones and nerves in both legs. We interviewed Kyle and his wife last April just after he was notified of his termination from the Sheriff's Department.

After KLTV started asking why, he was reinstated. Today, there was a very special ceremony. It was April of last year, the letter to Kyle Duren was short.

Kyle read from the letter written by former Sheriff Kenneth Buckhanan in early 2004: "Per our personnel policy, as of April 1st, you will no longer be an employee of Anderson County."

Kyle, disabled in that on-duty crash, wasn't an officer anymore according to that letter.

After our report, benefits to Kyle and his family were reinstated. Today, he got back what he wanted most.

New Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor: "Kyle, I just want to say you're an inspiration to all of us."

"We can still carry his license through the Anderson County Sheriff's Office, keeping him as part of our agency. So here is an ID and a badge," he told Kyle.

Kyle Duren: "It's almost like this is the end, but it's not. They're not going to stop, and I'm not going to stop."

The Durens are thankful for their friends and Sheriff Taylor who reinstated Kyle when he assumed the office as sheriff.

Kyle's wife Jennifer Duren: "It's a long time coming and we're very thankful it's happened."

Sheriff Taylor: "I'd take him back in a minute. He's a very good officer and he's fun to work with and he's bright in his job."

Kyle Duren: "I've been pushing myself hard to get over the hump, to make it."

Kyle has been offered an office job with the sheriff's department, but with all the injuries and damaged nerves, just living is still painful.

"By the third day [at the office], I couldn't make it the full day. I still haven't made it to where I can push through a whole 40 hour work week."

Jennifer Duren: "He is the man, and he wants to provide for his family and it's just been real hard getting used to him not being able to do that and not work."

To provide for his family, he's taking medical retirement. Friday, he was honored for his three years of service.

He spends time with his family, and continues with his rehabilitation.

Kyle Duren: "My wife is my motivation. Every time I've wanted to quit, she's been there to encourage me to keep going."

Kyle may have to have surgery again soon. He tells us a screw inserted into his shattered hip after the crash has worked loose. Medical bills related to Kyle's on-the-job injuries will be covered for life.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.

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