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Students Sending East Texas Love

The idea started when an East Texas Christian Academy parent suggested sending gift boxes to soldiers in Iraq for Christmas. Everyone at the Tyler school jumped on the idea and it's been a hit ever since.

East Texas Christian Academy students prepared Valentine's Day care packages Thursday to send overseas. Goodies include lots of candy and teddy bears. What will be most memorable are the messages they're leaving for soldiers inside.

"I'm writing to the soldiers telling them Happy Valentine's day because they're not here with their loved ones," says junior Madison Payne. "I thought it was nice. We all write them Valentine's Day cards."

Sophomore Kaindeo Burkett reads us his message to the soldiers: "From a grateful Christian civilian who wants to support his country to a soldier who's fighting a noble cause. Enjoy the holiday. God bless you this week."

The school says they plan to make more care packages to send for the Easter holiday.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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