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Sparks Fly At Longview City Council Meeting

The second Longview council meeting was held tonight without departed mayor Murray Moore. However, issues that evolved during his term continued to linger. After regular business, each council member had five minutes to discuss any issue on their mind. It resulted in a back and forth between councilman Tommy Finklea and councilwoman Karen Hailey. Hailey once again tried to further her case over the disputed e-mails that contain racial slurs. Those e-mails were released by Mayor Moore last September and authored by Hailey. She says they were tampered with.

"It is a total fabrication it was sent to the news journal by mayor Moore when we was caught in a poorly planned vendetta against me, his racially charged e-mails did not pan out the way he intended and when the pressure on time gaps came forth, he made up this story," said controversial councilwoman Karen Hailey.

"I think that anybody who heard what you said and can stomach what you said, I think you solidified yourself as a liar, and a hypocrite and you have no business on this council," said angry councilman Tommy Finklea.

"We have to continue to work on our decorum, don't have any personal attacks on any council members," said interim mayor Darryl Williams.

Before the back and forth between council members, the council set a date for the special election for mayor, May 7th.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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