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Kid Fitness

At first this may not look like exercise, and that's the point. It's Kid Fitness. A class offered for kids at 360 Fitness that teaches health and weight loss. It mixes, games, races and traditional exercise to form an hour long class that kids say is very fun.

"It's a great class," says 8 year old Madison.

"Its fun," says 8 year old Quinten.

"Its really cool," says 8 year old Mackenzie.

Parents love it too because in just a few months they started seeing a difference in their kids.

"We've gone from wearing husky pants to wearing regular pants," says mom Julie Kerns. She says the class has also improved her boys self esteem and has taught them good habits for life.

"What I really like is they teach them to get off the couch, turn off the TV and eat well," Julie adds.

The kids say they've noticed the changes in themselves too.

"I like to exercise because it gives you strong muscles and makes you healthy."

"So you can be stronger and loose weight."

After rounds of jumping jacks, jump rope and relay races the kids don't even realize they just got in an hour long workout. Moms and dads just hope this practice is one they'll hang on to for life.</P

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