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Red Bull Cooler, Washing Machine "Trashing East Texas"

In a quiet neighborhood in West Longview, residents keep their yards neatly trimmed. And just a block away, new houses are being built. But when they look across the street, they see a very different landscape.

Just ask homeowner James Leath.

"It's probably going to turn some nice people away from wanting to live over here and bring their families over here," he said. "And this kind of degrades our neighborhood and the community."

A washing machine and liquor bottles are clearly visible from the road. Take a few steps further down the trail and you'll find a Red Bull drink cooler and an assortment of other trash.

Leath says he's called police, but the dumping hasn't stopped. There's a fake Christmas tree freshly discarded since the holidays.

"It's hard to catch somebody in the act for something like this," Leath said.

Leath says he's seen plenty of 4-wheelers and trucks drive through the trail. No doubt some of them are unloading their unwanted junk.

It's obvious the city knows this is an attractive place for unattractive business. A "No Dumping" sign is posted by the roadside.

"We do have a new piece of equipment that we like to put out that's very helpful to us. And we can actually see the folks doing what they're doing and then come and catch them," Kevin Cummings, the city's Environmental Health Manager, said.

He says he'll send an inspector because he knows, where there's illegal dumping, there's also the potential for other illegal activity.

If you have a problem with illegal dumping in your area, we want to hear from you. Go to our homepage and click on the "Local News" link. There, under the title "Illegal Dumping", you'll be able to tell us where someone is "trashing East Texas."

Julie Tam, reporting.

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