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1/26/05-Smith County

Environmental Investigator Waiting For Gas Money

Danny Brasher has written more than $5,500 dollars in fines for illegal dumpers since he became Environmental Investigator in June. And even though residents keep calling for his help, he says he can't afford to investigate their cases.

"Smith County is 969 square miles and I don't have the funds after getting the small paycheck that I get, to pay for gasoline, maintenance, and wear and tear on my vehicle," says Brasher.

Brasher says the county hasn't regularly reimburses him for gas mileage.

"It's been very spotty. It's nothing I can depend on. I might get it one paycheck and be promised the next and it never materialized," says Brasher.

"He has a travel allowance, a 1000 dollar travel allowance which he gets paid on two different checks every month," says County Judge Becky Dempsy.

Judge Dempsy says she was unaware of any reimbursement issues with the program but she does acknowledge past bookkeeping problems.

"The county has to expend the funds. Then the county applies to East Texas Council of Government for reimbursement of the funds. So if he was not reimbursed for the funds that could mean any number of things, and I don't have knowledge of each of those particular circumstances," says Judge Dempsy.

Brasher says his invoices are not always reimbursed, keeping him from finding the ones trashing Smith County.

"I think there was probably just some bookkeeping issues, through no ones fault, maybe just through communication," says Judge Dempsy.

Judge Dempsy says the bookkeeping issues have been dealt with at Commissioner's meeting this past Monday with a new budget.

But until his check comes in Friday, Brasher's car will be sitting at the Constable's office.

Reporting: Braid Sharp bsharp@kltv.com

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