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Councilwoman Tries To Clear Her Name

Longview city councilwoman Karen Hailey wants her name cleared. She says the whole dispute over e-mails she allegedly wrote, should end with a letter released today.

In September, Longview Mayor Murray Moore released e-mails from Hailey that contained racial slurs, directed at fellow city council members. Those e-mails were written 9 months before they were released to the public. That raised questions about the timing of their release.

Back in September, Mayor Moore responded by saying he met with Hailey and city manager Ricky Childers in March, asking Hailey to stop writing the racially motivated e-mails.

However, that's not the case according to Childers. In a letter obtained by KLTV 7 news, Childers wrote to Hailey that he recalls the purpose of the March 18, 2004, meeting was to resolve any personal differences between Hailey and Mayor Moore. At no time were the e-mails discussed at that meeting.

Karen Hailey says this proves Moore wasn't telling the whole truth. "I want first of all to have my name cleared and I want to be vindicated from all of this. Second of all, I'd like to see unity restored to our community and this divisiveness stopped," says Karen.

Hailey is meeting with her other council members tomorrow, to set a date for the special election for mayor. Murray Moore resigned his position 2 weeks ago, citing business reasons.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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