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Compromise Appeases Rezoning Protesters

After weeks of protesting, a compromise appeases Tyler homeowners in The Woods subdivision and paves the way for new development.

This morning, the City Council approved a request to rezone 300 feet of land behind a row of houses. A medical office complex is set to be built behind Lake Forest, just south of University Blvd. Homeowners there were happy with the decision because it also offered a 60-foot buffer zone of trees.

"I'm super-pleased with the decision that they came to today," Le Ann Harbison, a resident on Lake Forest, said. "I think it went above and beyond the compromise we'd put on the table. I was reassured that the City Council is looking out for the neighborhood's concern."

"I think it's a great compromise," Mark Priestner, a land planner for the developer, Day Star LLC, said. "I think the development speaks for itself. I think the comprehensive nature of it is very good, with lots of green space. It's going to have those built-in buffers."

The city says the area will remain a "green belt" and won't be developed in the future.

And another zoning item that drew much protest in recent weeks: Homeowners in South Tyler's Woodbridge subdivision did not want an office building to go up between their homes and Rose Rudman Park. The medical complex would be built along the 700 block of Shiloh Road, which is already an area prone to traffic accidents.

Today, the City council approved the developer's rezoning application, but made a compromise. The homeowners will get to enjoy a 25-foot buffer zone of trees between their homes and the medical building.

"I think it was a step forward," David Goughnour, a neighborhood homeowner, said. "I think we're still going to see accidents at that curve. And eventually, we're going to have to do something to restrict the traffic, but right now, I think it's a great compromise."

The residents are happy with the privacy they'll have from the office building overlooking them.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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