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Gift of Love: Da'Von, 3rd Grader Looking For Love

Da'Von is an energetic, social boy with good verbal skills and manners. This 8-year-old likes sports, music and playing outside. He's healthy and always on the go. He's in the 3rd grade and is an intelligent young man. He made all A's on his last report card. "Everybody at school is kind of nice and stuff. There's some good subjects. My favorite is reading," says Da'Von.

"He's a child that is very bright. He excels in school. He's certainly got potential to go to college and be a successful adult," explains David Godwin his caseworker with Child Protective Services.

He's also inquisitive, almost to a fault. "He likes to take his toys apart, but since he's only 8-years-old he doesn't know how to put them back together," says David.

Da'Von has never had a father figure in his life, or anyone for that matter, willing to take the time to teach him things. David says, "Someone that would just really show an interest in him and do a lot of son/daddy things with him. I think he could be a very successful child."

Da'Von comes from a chaotic background. He was placed in foster care a couple years ago because of abuse. He will need to continue therapy. He will also need to deal with the disappointment of knowing his mother didn't want him, even though she was given a second chance. "She said it's not worth it. She relinquished her rights and gave up on the kids and choose drugs and Da'Von knows that. He knows that his mother probably could have gotten him back," says David.

It can be confusing for a young boy to understand why he was taken from his family, but he knows he's tired of moving around and wants to be loved. "It's kind of like a dream. It's like I'm dreaming about a forever family and it's a long dream," says Da'Von with a sad face.

"He would like to have a mom and a dad and somebody to call his own because in foster care you share foster parents with a whole bunch of other kids. I think he would thrive with real parents," says David.

Da'Von would probably do best as an only child in a family. He needs supervision and structure. He has a determined spirit, you can see it on his face as he plays a firefighter in a video game. He's trying to be the hero. "Yes! I saved him," shouts Da'Von as he extinguishes the last flame.

Now, he's hoping someone will save him, with the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Da'Von, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan, reporting.

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