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Better East Texas: 2016 election battle warming up

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U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has thrown his hat in the ring for the Republican nomination for president.

No real surprise in hearing that news but the timing is interesting. Cruz will probably become the front runner as a result of going public with his quest for the nomination. Being first to declare typically helps candidates in a crowded field of contenders which this appears to be. But Sen. Cruz will probably find that he has opposition from two bases.

First, and predictably, Democrats and then some in the Republican Party. Cruz will definitely deliver many in the tea party but to win the nomination, he will have to win over the central base of the Republican Party, which Cruz is largely believed to be more conservative than. And it will have to be done early in the campaign as Cruz hopes to keep the momentum generated by the early declaration.

It will be an uphill battle nonetheless. So the process is beginning to heat up and there will be a number of qualified candidates stumping and running the race to the republican and democrat national conventions in the summer of 2016. We can only hope that the candidates' positions on the true issues will emerge through all the rhetoric and that will be the true test of our system.

We don't need to embrace the slickest packaging over substance and the voting public must demand as much ultimately respecting the process and making for a Better East Texas.

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