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Concealed handgun training facilities offering free classes for airmen on ISIS 'hit list'

(KLTV) - An East Texas and Louisiana concealed handgun licensing and training facilities are offering free classes for active duty military members who have recently been named in an ISIS "hit list."

Upon learning that the militant group had named at least 25 Barksdale Air Force Base military members in the target list, Longview CHL teamed up with Shreveport CHL to offer the training for protection. 

"When I first heard this story, I was outraged," said Alex Azar, who owns Longview CHL. "My son is in the military and I know he is out there protecting us, and for a terrorist group to list the home addresses where our military members live with their families is a cowardly act."

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Azar contacted Scott Teer, who owns Shreveport CHL in Louisiana, to organize a joint campaign designed to ensure that any active duty military member who wishes to take their concealed handgun license class could do so at no charge. Additionally, they decided that anyone who is actually on the ISIS list may bring their family members to the class at no charge.

"Our military members sacrifice everything to keep us safe, and now a terrorist group threatens them at home where they are with their families," said Teer. "We had to do something to let them know we are here for them." 

Any active duty members who live in Texas should contact Alex Azar (903-557-0680), and any active duty military members who live in Louisiana should contact Scott Teer (318-347-8141).

You may also find more information on their Facebook pages: Longview CHL and Shreveport CHL

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