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"Does It Work?"-1/25/05

Tangle Tamer: "Does It Work?"

It's a childhood memory most women can relate to.  We're talking about your parents dragging a brush through your tangled hair. That's where this week's "Does It Work?" product comes to the rescue. It's called the Tangle Tamer and it's supposed to put an end to all those tears and tantrums. But, "Does It Work?"

Kelli Hoffman of Tangles Salon in Tyler (oddly enough) will help us test the Tangle Tamer. The instructions say you're supposed to ease it through the tangled hair using small short strokes. Kelli rats the hair of our volunteer, Kristal, to insure a good test. "I haven't brushed my hair all day," says Kristal. We started with the easy stuff, but eventually got to some really tangled parts.

The Tangle Tamer appears to be going through the dry, tangled hair pretty well. We combed the other side of Kristal's head with a regular comb. "Yeah that's grabbing," says Kristal. When we hit a big knot, we stopped and tried the Tangle Tamer on it. It cut right through. "All right, that's pretty neat," says Kelli.

We decided to try it on wet hair. Kelli shampooed Kristal's hair. "Let's go without conditioner," says Kelli. No conditioner will ensure a more tangled Kristal. "She has naturally curly hair, actually," says Kelli. We didn't really believe her until Kelli pulled the towel off Kristal's hair. It was virtually knotted. The plain comb had a tough time with Kristal's hair. But the Tangle Tamer, went through it like it had a police escort.

And if she were 4 years old? "Oh she'd never even get this out. She wouldn't even attempt it," says Kelli.

Of course, the true test with these hair care products comes when you ask someone to operate them on themselves. Kristal took it for a spin and liked it. "It seemed to work pretty well. I think it was not as painful as a comb," she said.

And what about children? "I think they could use it. I think they would probably like using it because it's like a toy," says Kelli.

So "Does It Work?" Kelli gives it a "yes."

It took a close look in slow motion, but we finally figured out the action on the Tangle Tamer bristles. They don't actually spin, they just rotate back and forth at quarter turns. It's enough to loosen the tangles.

The Tangle Tamer is rechargeable and can be operated with the supplied power cord.

We paid 10 dollars at Target. It's also available online.

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