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Gala of Royal Horses first show in Tyler

Showtime for the Royal Horses. Showtime for the Royal Horses.
SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - It's the culmination of seven generations of experience, and it's here in Tyler: The Gala of the Royal Horses. Rene Gasser brings a mix of stallions, including Lipizzaner, to the Oil Palace in Tyler for one show.

We spoke with the Riding Master while he was warming up one of his horses.

Gasser has been touring with various horse shows of his own design for a decade and he's fond of all of them, but this one is special. The Gala of the Royal Horses is aptly named since Gasser was born into the business of his ancestors. That sort of makes him:

“Horse royalty,” Gasser laughed.

He's very particular about his riders and his stallions.

“I got a lot of friends all over the world like in Spain or in Switzerland or Austria, so they do help me a bit. And these horses are being picked out from thousands of horses. You don't just grab a horse and train it they are actually being picked out. So they can go for a lot of money,” Rene stated.

His horse, Quinteron, is warming up for the show.

“People that want a horse like that that's got the character, the movements and the trainability, it takes a lot of horses to get through to be able to get to that horse,” Rene revealed.

And that horse has to have the right spirit, and to keep it that way they have very particular travel arrangements.

“These horses are like top athletes. You know, you've got to look after them. You can't set them in a plane for 24 hours and expect them to jump off and go and play football or something like that,” Rene said.

There's plenty of running and scrubbing and preparation before the performers are cut loose on their portable arena.

“That's very good for the horses, they feel at home. They feel safe in that little corral that they work in they just feel safe. That's home,” Rene said.

So their home away from home is always with them. Most horses have riders, although some aren't so they can get airborne, and that is an ancient military maneuver.

Rene says Riders and horses are carefully matched for compatibility.

“It sounds like a marriage,” I said.

“It is, it is,” Rene agreed.

“Do you have a lot of divorce?” I asked him.

“Not that many, actually. I think horses are easier to put up with,” Rene admitted.

Fortunately, since I haven't spent much time with horses I can safely say I am not qualified to agree with that statement.

The show is at the Oil Palace March 20 at 7:30. Tickets vary from $25 to $75, and there is only one show.

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