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Better East Texas: Organized religion and riches

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Pastor Creflo Dollar, the head of the World Changers Church International, a mega church in Atlanta recently launched a crusade to raise money to purchase a new airplane for his ministry.

Now, there are certainly some churches with big enough outreach plans along with popular ministers where an airplane may be needed but Pastor Dollar's campaign had a reported target of raising $60 million for a G650 jet – one of the most expensive private jets in the world.

Again, his ministry does take him across the world but is a $60 million jet truly the message that needs to be sent to the unchurched? The World Changers Church has come under a load of scrutiny in recent years because they operate as a tax exempt organization and have kept their financial books largely private.

I suppose that is their right within the law but shouldn't there be some level of transparency in this situation to generate a little confidence that financial donations are being used properly? The need of a $60 million jet does not generate confidence at all. And yet the church has 30,000 members, so there is definitely appeal, but is that appeal misplaced?

My understanding of the Bible is that we should humbly serve and that riches are not promised on earth but it seems that message has fallen short in this case. Organized religion is challenged right now and Pastor Creflo Dollar's jet dreams are part of the problem.

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