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1/25/05-Cochise County, AZ

Governor's Warrant Needed To Bring Johnny Williams Back

Johnny Lee Williams, Jr. is still not talking to authorities and is delaying his extradition process to bring him back to Smith County to face charges.

An extradition hearing was held today for Williams in Cochise County, AZ. Williams has been in jail there since Friday, when he was arrested at a hospital, after getting treatment for a gunshot wound.

Police believe it was Williams on the West Tyler Wal-Mart surveillance tape, shown kidnapping Megan Holden, 19. Megan's body was later found in West Texas.

Williams fought extradition today, so it will take some more work to get him back to Smith County for trial. Now, Texas will have to get a governor's warrant to extradite Williams. That could take two weeks or more. From that point, authorities will have 30 days to bring Williams back to Smith County.

In the meantime, the Cochise County attorney is talking to Smith County District Attorney Matt Bingham about what charges to file: "I'm going to defer to Matt on this and let it be his call as to whether or not he wants us to indict him locally because that sort of creates a little bit of a hurdle if we indict him locally because then we have to dismiss our charges without prejudice, meaning they could be refiled again in order to get him back to Texas," Ed Rhineheimer said.

And of course, we cannot get any comment from Bingham because he's under a gag order. That was issued yesterday by 114th District Judge Cynthia Kent.

If Williams is not brought back before February 20, the judge in Cochise County will hold a review hearing on that day.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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