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1/25/05-Smith County

East Texan Fed Up With Trashy Road

A well kept County Road, turned into garbage dump. One man says that's the only way to describe the road he goes down everyday, County Road 426 in Smith County. That's near the town of Carroll, off Highway 110 North.

"Microwaves, paint cans, I've seen tile grout, old pieces of tile broken up. Everything, they just throw everything out, it's unreal," says Jonathan Walker.

Every time he drives down this road, he sees the same thing-- trash. He tells us people have been using this county road as their trash dump.

"They're constantly dumping, people throwing their garbage out. There were five bags in the Neches river, no one showed up and like I said and it got washed down the river," says Jonathan.

In Smith County, dumping household garbage is a misdemeanor with fines going up to 500 dollars. Jonathan says for years he's reported the illegal dumping to the county, and still, no response.

"Ever since I bought the place 4 years ago, I called the Sheriff's Department. I even called 1-800-A-Dumper. I even found somebody's address in the trash, they still wouldn't come out," says Jonathan.

Tired of waiting for help, some took matters into their own hands.

"My neighbor picked it up last year. But it doesn't' help. You can't just keep picking up after somebody. Who wants to live in garbage, who wants to live by people who throw their garbage in the road," says Jonathan.

It's a message Jonathan desperately wants to get across, before his road home looks like a city dump.

"What do you do? I called the Sheriff's office, they didn't show up. I called the Constable, he sent me to the EPA fellow. He never showed up and hasn't called me back since. What do you do? I really love it out here. It's beautiful and it's sad that somebody would come out here and trash it."

Reporting: Braid Sharp bsharp@kltv.com

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