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Better East Texas: Preserving freedom of speech

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The White Oak school district decided to end the practice of including a Bible verse reading as part of the morning announcements.

There was a challenge by someone in the district and then a legal threat from a national organization called the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Many schools have discontinued Bible references in classrooms, athletic events and the like because of the threat of a lawsuit. It is sad that special interest groups feel that they can replace the freedom of expression or freedom of speech with freedom from expression or freedom from speech.

As a country we need to and have, in many ways, made accommodations for varying belief and practices, often times at the expense of the majority belief. Ultimately, in giving respect to these voices we sacrifice core beliefs of the majority. And that is where we err.

As a citizen of our great land, if I don't want to embrace Christianity, then I can choose not to do business in the Christian bookstore. If Halloween is offensive, then I can choose not participate. It is not right, in these examples, that I ask for the Christian bookstore to be put out of business, nor should Halloween be forced from my senses. I can just choose not to embrace them.

Our founders acknowledged a creator and it is OK, if in our schools, we do the same. Preserving the freedom of speech will make this a Better East Texas.

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