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Antiperspirant and Kidney Disease

Next time you buy antiperspirant, you'll see a new warning on the label from the FDA about the risks of kidney disease. Tyler Nephrologist Dr. Nabeel Ahmed says the warning is not targeting people with kidney disease, though, rather those who don't yet realize they are sick. People like Lisa Johnson.

"I'm diabetic and I just started getting really, really sick," says Lisa.

Lisa didn't know it but her kidneys were in trouble. Within a month she had complete kidney failure. She's now tied to a dialysis machine three times a week. Dr. Ahmed says many diabetics and people with high blood pressure have no idea they're at risk. But knowing can save you from ending up on a dialysis machine.

"These are things that are preventable and most of these things are reversible," says Dr. Ahmed.

That's why the FDA placed the new warnings on antiperspirant, to encourage people at risk to get checked.

So why antiperspirant? It contains aluminum and can be deadly to people with kidney disease.

"Long term effects vary from anemia, bone disease, and some neurological problems, tremors, mental status changes," explains Dr. Ahmed but he insists there's no reason to stop using the product.

"No, I use it every day. Its unlikely to ever hurt you."

But if you have kidney disease and don't know it, this warning may change your life.

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