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East Texas Basketball Player Scores On And Off Court

For Cassie Stinson, playing college basketball has been her dream since high school. After two seasons playing at Jacksonville Junior College, the senior from Lumberton, Texas is now in her second year of ball at UT-Tyler. Head coach Terri Deike admits Cassie isn't the best ball player on her team, but says her co-captain is one of a kind.

"She brings leadership," said Deike.  "She brings great work ethic, 4.0 GPA.  She lifts weights all the time. She sticks to a regiment of diet, exercise, proper nutritional habits, work in the classroom. She's just a great leader overall."

Her statistics don't blow you over. She contributes a couple of points and a couple of rebounds per game. It's what Cassie does after the game that's pretty impressive. While all of her teammates call it a day, Cassie is just getting started. You see, she's also a UT-Tyler cheerleader, and spends the rest of the evening rooting on the mens team, complete with strenuous tumbling routines. It's a work schedule that few people would care to tackle.

"She can go through the full basketball practice session like we're having now, and then maybe go lift weights with the team," said Deike, "and then go to cheerleading workout after that and then go into her studies."

"It's tough and sometimes I find myself questioning why I do it," said Stinson, "but in the end, it's just, I love the team. I love the cheerleaders, so it's just a lot of fun and a great opportunity that some people never get so I might as well do it while I have a chance."

"I tell you what, if we had more people like that in every avenue of life," said Deike, "not just basketball, or not just in a college setting, but a person who comes everday determined to do their best no matter what."

Kevin Berns reporting.

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