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Freedom Fighters: Theo Chrisman

Not only was the battle of Okinawa one of the most important battles of World War II, it was also one of the bloodiest. Theo Chrisman was only 18 when he arrived on the island of Okinawa where he was immediately sent to the front lines. Conditions were miserable and battle was constant.

Much of Chrisman's time was spent in muddy foxholes, while at other times he was in hand-to-hand combat with Japanese soldiers. More than half of Chrisman's infantry company were killed on Okinawa and hundreds of others wounded. Chrisman turned 19 a few days after the island of Okinawa had been secured and was awarded the Bronze Star for his valor in battle.

Like many others of his generation, Theo Chrisman had lived a lifetime, all before his nineteenth birthday.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.
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