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Self Defense Tips

"Since we can't have a crystal ball and imagine where our attack might come, the thing to do is always be prepared," says Mack Woods, a former sheriff deputy who has taught personal safety classes for nearly three decades.

He says preparation starts with pepper spray. "Every time you bump the trigger its going to send out a one second stream," he explains.  Mac says the stream shoots up to ten feet away and can stop an attacker before he ever reaches you. But if the attacker should catch up to you, aim for their nose. Once you spray them, run to a well-lit, crowded area.

  If your attacker does reach you and you don't have a spray device, Mack says use your keys. "Hitting with the whole wad of keys with a whip action toward the aggressor's eyes," he says.

Mack says the whipping action works far better than lacing your keys in your hand.  "It could work but not getting it done and doing it religiously are not real likely". 

Mack doesn't recommend physical attack unless absolutely necessary because it is often difficult to do, but if you have to, aim for any place with soft tissue.  "If you can get your hands down and bring them up fast and hard, go against the ears like that, really hard."

Doing that can burst an ear drum. Also aim for the throat.  If you hit them hard enough you can crush the airway and stop the person from breathing. Mack also suggests crushing their nose with the palm of your hand.

He says to go for the groin area as a last resort.  "Because the groin is one of the more difficult targets and if you miss it is awkward, and you become an easier target."

Mack stresses none of these tips will work unless you practice them, because in heat of an attack, you don't have time to plan your next move -- you have to run on instinct.

Michelle Mortensen reporting.

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