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Kilgore School Officials Working For Bond

Crumbling portable buildings and classes jammed to capacity have administrators at Kilgore I.S.D. hoping for the passage of a big bond issue. Rotting walls in a middle school classroom is all the ammunition Kilgore administrators need to justify the need for the passage of an upcoming bond election that would send 23-million dollars for repairs their way.

"We've got a number of portable buildings already and these are to capacity our regular campus is at capacity, we just don't have any place to grow," says Maude Laird middle school principal Jodie Clements.

Several problems face the district, not the least of which is "more students" than they have classroom space.

"Our population has changed our programs have changed and there is overcrowding, we desperately need it, we desperately need a new school," says district superintendent Jerry Roberts. 

They've used every bit of space they can, even using janitorial areas and closets as classrooms. The bond will give them what they really need. The bond will allow them to make 2 million dollars worth of repairs to the high school, and building a new school will allow them to split grades and move them to separate campuses.

The bond election will be held on February 19th.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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