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1/22/05-East Texas

Abduction Changing Actions Of East Texas Women

Megan Holden's story gained national attention.  Now many women in East Texas are re-thinking what they do at night.

Increasingly East Texas stores and businesses are choosing to stay open late.  Some, even keep their doors open 24-hours a day to serve their customers.

What once was a simple trip to and from the parking lot of these locations has changed.

"One of the things that I'll do differently is if I'm out at night, make sure and get a security escort, maybe not take my child out," said Ginger Young.

Megan Holden had just finished her shift at a Tyler Wal-Mart Wednesday night when she was approached in the parking lot.  Lights and security cameras were not enough to stop the crime.  Those faced with similar situations, say this one incident, will make them rethink their actions.

"I used to leave every once in a while, leave by myself at night, midnight, one o'clock maybe and I won't anymore," said Cynthia Wright.  "My boss yesterday told me 'Don't you ever leave a store by yourself again' and I won't."

The brutal crime has even changed the way many view East Texas.

"The thing is I've lived in big towns and it's one of the things that's very sad to me about Tyler because I always think how safe it is," said Young.

For many it's a new mindset, brought upon us by a changing community.

"I think it's real sad but I think it's just part of the way the world is changing and as Tyler gets bigger and spreads out you know those type of things are going to happen more and more in our area," said Leslie Malone.  "You just have to be more careful."

Many East Texas businesses said they will re-evaluate their current policies regarding employees safety, and make sure policies already in place are enforced.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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