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Henderson Residents React To Holden Murder

        An east Texas community is trying to come to grips with the tragic loss of one of their own at the hands of an abductor. The reality of what happened to 19 year old Megan Holden still has the people who live and work in Henderson wondering how it could happen to one of their own.

    "Sad , sad time for us around here in this town, things like this happen , it happens to you also" says Henderson resident Michael Allen.

      Like many small towns, everyone is connected, families , friends, and they talk about everything. And many knew the cheerful girl with a rare view of life who used to work at the donut shop.

    "Obviously we're saddened all over the community for the families involved there but we're certainly glad he was caught, justice will prevail" says Kevin Basham.

    "She was the type of person that was going to make a changes in the world, it didn't matter if you were white, black,  hispanic , if you were a friend of hers you were a friend of hers" says Henderson police lieutenant Ricky Turner.

      And now they find it difficult to come up with words to even talk about it, and what to say to the Holden family.

   "Her family comes in here , people , cousins , friends, and it's really hard to know something like this has happened in a small town" says Henderson resident Chassity Johnson.

    No funeral plans have been released by the family at this time. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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