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William's Mother Speaks To KLTV

"I didn't know him to be a violent person, a hateful person. I just knew him to be a caring son."

That's how Patricia Williams described her son before going into the Marines. But after going through combat, she says he changed.

"He stayed to himself a lot. Some of the things he encountered in Iraq was hard for him to deal with," she says."I heard just today he had shared with some family that he had to kill three people or be killed."

Patricia says it was just too much for her son to deal with.

"He'd say mom some of the stuff they make you do is all messed up," she explained. "He told me he was very angry. I knew he was depressed, I knew he was hurting. He was having flashbacks of some stuff he had to do when he was in Iraq."

She says his depression grew every month and in December they tried to seek help for him from the military, but to this day, they have not heard back from them.

"They trained him to go to war and to kill. I don't know how many months went into that training but how many months went into getting him back to living in society."

Even though they feel their son suffered greatly, the Williams family doesn't deny what their son has been accused of is horrific.

"I don't condone what has been said to be true, but I love him. The son I know is not the person that has done these acts. It is not my son. I don't know what happened. I don't know what happened."

This family who has always relied on the Lord for strength say they are once again turning to God for help and pray nothing like this ever happens again. They say their prayers are with the Holden family.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.

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