7 On Your Side: Mailbox moved to safety after investigation airs

7 On Your Side: Mailbox moved to safety after investigation airs
Source: KLTV Staff
Source: KLTV Staff

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - In January, we first told you about a group of East Texans who had to cross a 65-mile an hour highway, just to get their mail.

Two senior citizens with health issues were among the residents that had to cross at the 10000 block of Highway 110, north of Tyler. Well, now, after six months of trying, one resident has been able to get the postal service to move her mailbox.

Syble Robles said she tried for months to get the attention of the postal service in hopes of getting her mailbox moved to her side of Highway 110.

"It was scary for me to cross that highway every day," Robles said.

Her efforts started with phone calls and writing letters, both went unanswered. She then reached out to State Representative Louie Gohmert, and even with the help of his office, she received a response, no, from the postal service.

So she called KLTV and she says that's when she said everything changed.

"I got a hold of the district people, I guess they are in Dallas, they aren't here locally. I never could get them to return my calls until after it was aired on T.V. Finally, they called me back," Robles said.

Saturday she finally received the answer she was hoping for in a letter from the postal service.

"You may place your mailbox on your side of the street for safety purposes," Robles read.

On Monday she discovered her mailbox had been installed without her even knowing it.

"I pulled out into my driveway and there is was. I was so pleased and said 'oh, thank you,'" Robles said.

Now all she has to worry about is the short trek up her drive way. But it's a chore her neighbors still have to deal with, because her mailbox is the only one that has been moved.

"You have to really watch out, because the visibility is bad around the curb coming from town," said 89-year-old, Elihu Edelson.

Edelson says it would be nice to have his mailbox moved, but he doesn't want to inconvenience the postal service, he says.

"If I'm messing up their functioning, I don't want to put them out," Edelson said.

But Robles hopes now that postal service is aware of the danger and her box has been moved, it will make it easier for her neighbors to make changes, too.

The postal service says they don't have plans to move any other mailboxes at this time. The moves are done on an individual basis and residents have to file a request with the postal service to have a mailbox moved.

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