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1/19/05-Washington, D.C.

Whitehouse Graduate Dies On University of Texas Band Bus

"We were very close and always have been. Left hand, right hand, he was my everything," said J.D.'s mom Linda Davis. She spoke to her son just this morning. As every day, he said, "I love you" and told him mom to stay strong.

As she says the two of them were close as any mother and son can be. "He was every mother's dream of that perfect child. He brought more joy to my life than any amount of money could ever bring."

J. D.was chasing his dream, and following the Lord. His parents say he loved performing, and acting. Just yesterday, he got a part in a play.

"He was very excited last night before he left. He said, 'I need you and dad on the phone,' and he was so excited."

Also he just took a position as an intern at an Austin church to share all his talents and his faith.

"He never stopped living that, he never had a moment in his life when you couldn't tell that Jesus wasn't shining in his heart."

"I know where he is. I will miss him, but I know where he is and he will continue his great works wherever he is."

"I know that J. D. will always be looking down on me and caring about me and I'm sure in his own way he'll bring me through just like he has every day since he's been gone."

Morgan Palmer, reporting.
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