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1/19/05-East Texas

More East Texans Leave to Help with Tsunami Relief

Three weeks after the Tsunami hit South Asia, East Texans are still heading that way to help the victims.

Dr. Everett Holley, ER Director at ETMC in Gilmer, is going to Sri Lanka next week. In the past, Dr. Holley has volunteered with disaster situations in impoverished areas of Africa.

Now, he and a team of 20 volunteers from around the nation are going to one of the most devastated, rural areas hit by the Tsunami-- Ambalangoda, located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

They'll be there for about two weeks. Dr. Holley says he is happy to do what he can to help those who have lost everything.

"I think all it takes for evil to prevail and for bad things to happen is for good people to do nothing. And so that's why I want to do want I can, when I'm able to," says Dr. Holley.

Dr. Holley and the team will dress wounds and provide medicines to hundreds of people in their village.

The group is sponsored by Mercy Works.

Braid Sharp, reporting.

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