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Parents Have On-line Access To Kids Grades

Shelly Tobin has been entering her students grades in this computer for years.

And up until this semester, that's the only place parents could see them. But with the new Parent Internet Viewing Program-or PIV, a new district wide computer system, that method is what some would call 'old school.'

"They have a secret password that they must come to the school in person to acquire. And then they can go to this web site and access their students grades in each subject. They can see daily grades, whether or not there's a zero, and what their student's average is," says Robert E. Lee geography teacher, and 9th grade Academy of Success dean, Shelly Tobin.

That means on any given day at any time, parents can see exactly what makes up that mystery number on their child's report card.

"To be able to go online, fix dinner for the kids, get the kids settled in to do their home work and then go online and check if anything's missing, is going to be great for parents and teachers," says Shelly.

Parents, like Beverly Richmond, say PIV spells success for kids who try to skirt around explaining bad grades.

"You can look at their notebooks, but the grades may or may not be there. And a lot of times, students throw away the grades they don't want their parents to see them," says Beverly.

"The most frequent response I get from 9th grade students is 'Oh no, now my parents are going to know that I didn't turn my assignment in.' And that's why we made this program. The purpose is to have a better life line between the parent and the student and the teacher and the grade."

Reporting: Braid Sharp

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