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Gift of Love: Sisters Praying For A Forever Family

Ruthie and her younger sister Tiffani have shared a lot together. Today, they're writing their memories down, in a scrapbook. "They are very close. They share a bedroom where they are now. They also share most of their possessions. They like to do things together," explains David Godwin, caseworker with Child Protective Services.

Both girls like dancing, music, skating and arts and crafts. They're described as nice, well-mannered children. David says, "They're very polite. They always ask permission before doing anything."

They keep a positive attitude despite being placed in foster care five years ago. They never knew their father and their mother wanted nothing to do with them. "She decided she was not going to quit drugs and so she relinquished her parental rights," says David.

They only have each other and they hope to stay together. "It's important because I know that some people don't have a sister and they want to have a sister and I have a sister and I don't want to take it for granted." Ruthie goes on to say, "Tiffani is my best friend. I love my sister."

Tiffani says affectionately, "Ruthie can be annoying sometimes but she's still my sister."

Although there is a definite bond between these sisters, their personalities are different. Ruthie is  13-years-old. She's much more reserved. "Sometimes I'm quiet till I get to know people, then I open up to them," says Ruthie.

Tiffani is 12-years-old and much more outgoing. "I have a lot of friends. I like school and want to play the clarinet."

Tiffani has a learning disability due to a head injury she sustained in a car accident at just five years old. It also left her blind in one eye. She will need some extra one-on-one attention with homework, but that doesn't stop her from achieving in school. She says, "My favorite subject at first was math, then it was language arts, reading and writing because I had the best teacher in the world."

"I think Ruthie and Tiffani could make someone very proud," says David.

There's one thing in particular Ruthie and Tiffani want in a forever family, a strong faith. "Somebody who goes to church and loves the Lord and somebody who if you're having a problem they sit down and talk to you," says Tiffani.

David says, "Both the girls love to go to church. We went out for lunch and as soon as we sat down, both started saying the blessing."

They hope their prayer will soon be answered. Tiffani says, "My prayer is that one day we can have a forever home."

If you'd like to know more about Ruthie and Tiffani, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-KIDS-275.

Gillian Sheridan reporting



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