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East Texans Have Many Wishes For Second Bush Term

The wish list for the second term of President Bush is long.

Folks KLTV spoke with have mixed views on the war in Iraq, and they're divided on where the focus of the President for the next term needs to be most.

From Iraq, to Medicare, children's welfare, to Social Security, just about everyone has an opinion.

John Bailey: "I know most lawmakers don't want to do this, but I hope that we have laws that will actually help us, instead of laws that are made to help corporations."

Clarence Edwards: "Settle this Iraq war, that's the main thing. Then get Social Security straightened out and medicare and the education for the kids."

Bruce Brown: "I'd like for him to continue to pursue the Middle East peace process. Continue to work on a solution for Social Security. Most of all, I'd like to see him continue to follow his faith for guidance."

Robert Pabinquit: "I guess I'd like to see him do more on education. I'm an education major and I'd like to see more clarification on the 'No Child Left Behind' [act.] Because as it is now, good schools are getting penalized because they're not coming up to government standards, though their students are up to an all time record."

President Bush starts his second term on Wednesday. The new Congress has already convened, but is in recess from regular business until after the inauguration.

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